A Yearly Cycle of Silent Retreats

Simone Weil, who served the French Resistance during World War II, died at the age of 33 trying to live on the food rations of a French workman in occupied France. Through her posthumous writings, she became a kind of apostle of the spiritual life in the first decades following the war. At the heart of her insights is her definition of prayer as attention: "God can only disclose the Divine whispers to those who are attending."

The Retreats of Silence create spaces that are designed for attending—listening, praying, being still (napping if that is needed), and hearing God—in ways that are not always available on a daily basis. These retreats are guided for the novice but open enough to allow for flexibility for those who are more familiar with this spiritual practice.

We believe that extended times of silence, periods of solitude, and just quiet moments are so rare in our contemporary times that when we do make a place to listen to God, remarkable things can happen. The following are times Hungry Souls offers opportunity to get away with God.

Annual Advent 24-Hour Women's Retreat of Silence:
December 1-2, 2010—A Significant Time for Those Who Attended

On Wednesday and Thursday, December 1 and 2, a group of women met at the Bishop Lane Retreat Center in Rockford, IL to look at the life of Mary and ponder the unknowns and the mysteries in all of our lives. Those new to this process of silence learned that this retreat, like all our similar retreats, is always a guided retreat.

You may inquire about future 2-Day Retreats of Silence by e-mailing info@hungrysouls.org or by returning to this webpage from time to time throughout the year. You may also write to us at the following address:

      Hungry Souls Retreat Information
      Box 30
      Wheaton, IL. 60187

3-Day Retreats of Silence

Hungry Souls is hoping to offer a more regular schedule of 3-Day Retreats of Silence for 2011. We have been developing a template for retreat leaders and hope to have at least six leaders ready to lead these special times of meeting God in silence. Let us know if you are interested in being put on the list of potential attendees. Contact us at info@hungrysouls.org.